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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

The Casone Exchange
  • November 4, 2010 09:27 PM UTC by Cheryl Casone

    Best Guess: You Can't Win Them All

    The fun of Best Guess is seeing within the next day, week, or month who was on the money and who got it completely wrong.  I’ve decided to add the dates of our guesses for you, my dear readers, so you can at least have a little bit of context as to whether or not you should give us your time.  The markets are never a perfect science, and trying to predict what an election, a stock, or a trend may do is pretty tough. 

    Give us a little credit for trying!



    JORDAN KIMMEL: The market is already beginning to celebrate a political environment that will be more pro-business and less big taxes/big government. I look for a stronger market leaving the bears in the dust…

    KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE:  Republican’s winning the House has already been factored into Wall Street’s calculation…however if the Republicans take the Senate you will see a major surge in the Market. The Dems will pay a heavy price for their anti-business  policies which kept the Admin from producing the jobs needed to convince voters the economy was improving.

     CHERYL: President Obama takes credit for GOP policies two years from now.  The economy will show improvement between now and then, but it will be because of the change in Congress we’ll see today.


     DENNIS KNEALE: Look for Pres Obama and Dems to be even harsher on business (leaders)  after the elections

     JIM AWAD: hmm-republican take control of house but whomever wins control of senate will have such a narrow margin that the senate will be the compromise bvody for the next two years!!!.. and which party conveys the best image on budget reduction will control after 2012 elections!!!! 

    CHERYL: If today’s polling is any indication, we may not have all of the races decided Wednesday morning.  I agree with Jim, Senate stays Dem, but narrow, and House goes to Republican control.  As for California, the housekeeper issue with Meg Whitman is enough to keep her from winning.  She failed to connect to voters and Jerry Brown has a cult/celebrity status that is odd to say the least, but enough to guarantee him a win.


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November 5, 2010 at 12:25 pm

earl Irons


November 5, 2010 at 12:19 pm

Carla, Ballwin,MO

I have a campaign button collection,it includes some really unique and old ones. One of my favorites (not so old) is a picture button with Linda Ronstadt which reads "Linda for First Lady". Jerry Brown was dating her during his 1976 Presidential primary bid - cool! Had he won, the entertainment at State dinners would have been top-notch! PS - I want a Cavuto/MacDonald 2012 campaign button - is the mock campaign still going on?

November 5, 2010 at 11:30 am

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