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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

The Casone Exchange
  • December 6, 2010 03:34 PM UTC by Cheryl Casone

    Best Guess: Brawling Ben

    Sometimes we have segments planned that don’t make the show due to breaking news.  Today, it was our discussion with FBN’s Ashley Webster with a summary of comments Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke made on 60 Minutes last night.  He said things like “I could hike interest rates in 15 minutes” and “unemployment may stay at these levels 4 to 5 years.”

    What I found interesting was his body language and his tone.  Through some of the interview he seemed to be leaning back, but when challenged about his decision to add more quantitative easing to the system, he suddenly sat forward in his chair and his voice took on a stronger tone.  It reminded me that even someone like the Fed Chairman can be (and was in my opinion) defensive. Sometimes when I encounter defensive interview subjects, it’s because they are questioning their own judgement. 

    What did you think of his interview?

    Here are some Best Guess hits and misses after the jump…..



    The European Debt crisis has taken center stage again with the concerns last week over Ireland which was met with an European Union approved $113bn bailout.  Now focus and investor talk has shifted to Portugal and Spain.  The lesson I’ve learned from watching disputes in the world of sports between players and owners has taught me that when millionaires fight withbillionaires, it’s a safe bet to be on the side of the billionaires.  In the financial markets, when the US banking system faced billion dollar problems, it was the trillion dollar government that stepped in to prevent a collapse.  So please take caution those investors that wish to position yourselves for a massive disruption in Eurozone yields and arbitrage plays among the EU members.  While the problems and challenges are without question large, the resources available of the ECB and IMF to avoid turmoil or threats to the Euro are larger.  There might not be a quick fix, but don’t expect things to get out of control either.


    This latest insider trading scandal sweeping Wall Street should further convince retail investors that the game is in a lot way rigged in favor of insiders. Always has been always will be. That being said, it should persuade them to take a longer view of their investment strategies, ie., index funds as espoused by my Wall Street hero John Bogle, rather than trying to compete with the big boys.






    Derek Jeter will NOT be a Yankee next year.


    We’ve heard a lot of lofty talk about how some unknown technology will  be created to drag the US out of its economic malaise.  Something akin to the railroads of the 19thcentury or the internet in 1995-present.  There is one obvious technology that could do this: substituting natural gas for crude oil in electricity production and transportation.  It is becoming clearer with every day that the US has enough natural gas from shale resources to dramatically reduce our reliance on foreign oil.  Switching to natural gas fired electrical plants and commercial vehicle fleets (buses & trucks) is not a new technology.  Enacting it would reduce costs for all America and create jobs in making the switch.  This is an easy energy and industrial policy to put in place.  Look for it to happen.


    October Existing Home Sales surprised the market.  As banks continue to get on healthier footing, and lending improves, home sales will continue to rise.


    Best Guess-The markets are watching retail sales, a lot of economic numbers, Ireland and Korea.  But my guess is the Middle East will gain attention again as UN releases report on Lebanon’s Hariri assassination-if Hezbollah is implicated they could pull a coup which might lead to Israeli military action


    France and Germany say the Euro has been SAVED!! Whatever, no-one’s buying it – my best guess is that Portugal will be next in line with the begging bowl, after that it’s the huge elephant in the room – SPAIN! Does the EU have enough money to cover Spain?? Not convinced.


    Black Friday online sales will eclipse Cyber Monday sales by volume.

Jeff Daigle

Where does Ben get all this money? He says it isn't 'printed' and it doesn't add to the people really believe that this is all magic? We must STOP making up lies about money and get responsible with our spending. The dollar is weak, getting weaker and no one faces the real problem. Stop the spending, get the house in order, or fail. Cheryl help me make these guys understand.

December 7, 2010 at 1:41 pm

Jeff Daigle

Cheryl.... Forgive me, but it's true. ...You are beautiful! No really, I mean it and I mean with no disrespect, just pure old fashion honesty. We need those days back again. J.

December 7, 2010 at 1:26 pm

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