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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

The Casone Exchange
  • December 24, 2010 01:26 PM UTC by Cheryl Casone

    Best Guess: Christmas Eve Edition

    I am writing to you from the FBN bureau in Phoenix, Arizona (ok, it’s my parents home) and I’m watching news reports flying in from around the country of last minute shoppers jamming malls and stores.  It’s the 11th hour for retail companies, and it looks like we’re going to have the strongest year on record since 2007.  This brightens my Christmas Eve mood in so many ways.  It looks like consumers for whatever reason feel confident to spend money again.  I never discount the emotional impact of American moods because it gives everyone confidence: businesses, executives, CEO’s, and the market overall.  A feeling of Christmas cheer on this final day of shopping gives me hope that 2011 will finally give us an economic recovery, and we need it after two years plus of bad news, bad earnings, and bad economic data.  Let’s hope tonight when Santa makes his rounds, he leaves a little something extra for us all.

    Merry Christmas!


    After the jump some best guess predictions from the guests you know and love on my Fox Business show at Noon ET.  They are always gracious enough to join me and our viewers with their insight, humor, and intelligence.



    The U.S. Congress and the Admin will appoint a deficit czar. Not. But the president will advocate certain planks from the deficit commission report in an effort to tack to the middle


    best  guess: the global economic outlook has brightened and the proposed extension of the tax cuts increases the deficit-so the bond vigilantes are back and they will drive interest rates higher, forcing Obama and Congress to forge a deficit reduction compromise in the first half of 2012-no one will be happy with the choices but it will be good for the country!!!!!!!!


    Dow ends the year up 12%



    When–not if–the Bush tax cuts are extended (for all), look for the S&P 500 to rally for 5% over the course of a week.  And, the leader of the day will come from the consumer discretionary group (i.e., retailers)!  But, it won’t stop there–stocks will advance north of 15% in 2011–based on historical rates of return for the 3rd year of a Presidential term and the growing/improving economy and Fed involvement.  The good news ends there, though, as 2011 will spell victory for Obama’s reelection aspirations!


    Watch Yahoo stock value’s closely it is about to lay off 700 employees, consolidate its management, make major changes in its operations etc. ahead of the Merger of Yahoo’s search  Feature with Microsoft Bing. This is occurring at the same time that Conde Nast’s (Wired Magazine etc.) hired Andrew Seigel Yahoo’s former merger and acquisitions expert and given him 500M to use in a major shopping spree for digital content.


    Retail sales in December will show weakness because the bulk of spending hit in November.  All those deals were too good to pass up!



    On yesterday’s close, the Dow was holding at just a hair over the 10% mark, but don’t hold out hopes for another double-digit gain for 2010. End-of-year profit taking and a wave of tax-loss selling figure to drag the industrials back into the single digits for the year.


    Consumers will pay significantly more for food and clothing in 2011


    Facebook files for IPO in 2011



    - buy healthcare stocks:

    - one of the worst performing sectors of 2010 and one of the cheapest;

    - if nothing changes the sector grows earnings next year at 12.5% and is valued at 11-12X 2011 EPS;

    - Republicans have made dismantling Obamacare a top priority, so that should unleash more positive synergy for the sector;

    - Even if the sector doesn’t move upward in price soon, the yields are great – 4-5% on many big pharma names.




    The four charged yesterday in the fed’s insider trading probe are just the tip of the ice berg. Why wouldn’t it be. You’ve got these so-called expert network firms out there tracking down midlevel executives at publicly traded companies and plying them with cash for inside information. This isn’t complicated at all and it was undoubtedly widespread. My only question is why these firms weren’t scrutinized sooner.


    Arizona is suing Bank of America for misleading the public on loans, these lawsuits will be nationwide and BAC starts writing off losses in 2011 to get this off the books.

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December 29, 2010 at 4:55 am

Carla, Ballwin,MO

I feel the best gifts are from artist's hands,I went to a local artist's shop yesterday for a few last minute gifts - I picked out a few I know will be appreciated tomorrow. It's snowing here - a fluffy,mostly wet not frozen blanket of white (3-5in) - just right for Christmas. It makes for a picturesque drive to loved ones. Cheryl - I was thinking 12,000 by year's end - not very far off! Have a wonderful warm Christmas and ring in the New Year in a fun way!

December 24, 2010 at 4:53 pm

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