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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

The Casone Exchange
  • December 29, 2010 06:51 PM UTC by Cheryl Casone

    Stranded in Phoenix: Day 3

    Many of you have been asking where I have been this week, and most assumed I was enjoying an extended holiday vacation.  While it is true that I had a wonderful Christmas in Phoenix with my family and friends, it was not the plan to stay this many days in the Valley of the Sun.  Like millions of frustrated travelers I am also stuck, and hoping to arrive into NYC on Thursday.  I was supposed to fly back early Monday morning, but thanks to Blizzard 2010, I am still here.  Our flight was cancelled and within minutes we were booked once again……four days later!

    Upon my return I will begin to cover the ill effects of this storm:  missed retail sales, lost airline revenue, lost vacations, and lost lives.  The latter is the hard part of being in the news business for twelve years because I knew when the storm began there would be accidents that would include not just cars, but people.  I am able to log in to our “urgents” cue at Fox Business so I’ve been monitoring the latest wire copy from my laptop.  8 hours on a subway. Airport shutdowns.  Road closures.  Snow plow accidents…’s been a wild ride in the Northeast.

    It’s hard to be on the sidelines like this when a major news story breaks, but I’m looking forward to (hopefully) joining you on the air this Friday at Noon Eastern on FBN.  Follow me on Twitter @cherylcasone and Facebook

    I hope you are reading this from the safety of your home whether you are experiencing the rains of the West, or the snowy aftermath of the East.



    After the jump, some Best Guess’ from last week before I left for Arizona.



    My best guess:

    Let’s just go with a market prediction. S&P 500 rises a whopping 15% in 2011. Buy the market.


    My best guess is the fcc will vote to ride herd over the internet. And once again, the fcc will be slapped down in federal appeals court, as it was last april for similar ambitions.


    Markets best guess:  it was a volatile year in the markets!  In July, major indexes were down almost 10%.  Dealmaking, economic data, and earnings propel markets higher in first quarter.  It will be a jobless recovery though.



    best guess: The US economy has picked up surprising momentum so my guess is people are going to start talking about 4% real gnp growth for 2011, which is bullsh; the main risk is a financial freeze-up due to a debt problem at a sovereign level in Europe or with a US municipality


    Good morning! Best Guess: This will be a better season for retailers than forecast because consumers have gotten better control of their finances and we’ve seen working hours increase, so that pent up demand with some extra cash is giving retailers a nice boost despite all the “doorbuster” pricing. Merry Christmas.


    If the government and Congress continue to attack the mortgage deduction credit, it will have an immediate and negative effect on housing sales.

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