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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

The Casone Exchange
  • February 28, 2011 03:37 PM UTC by Cheryl Casone

    Best Guess: Don't Ignore Libya

    Today we had an interesting discussion about Libya.  Just how worried should the average U.S. investor be about the situation there, and the Middle East/Africa region in general?  Jim Awad said even the smartest investors are not getting the potential impact of what this means for the stock market and the bond market.  Never in his lifetime has he seen something like this take hold so quickly, and especially with regards to Egypt and Libya, what the future looks like.  He said even now there is a powerful regime in place (the military) in Egypt that may not want to go.   Even the smartest analyst can’t say they understand what that means.  Most stock analysts are dismissing the impact, and we see it today, as the markets trade higher.  But are we being naive? What happens if there is discord in Israel? How many technology companies based there trade on the Nasdaq? The NYSE? Jim made a valid point I wanted to share with you: we don’t know what the future holds in MENA, and anyone who is just trudging along with money in hand buying up stocks and bonds, may be doing so with blinders on.


    Best Guess is below, the wrong, the right, and the unanswered…..



    Great time to begin putting money in distressed commercial real estate trusts.(Non traded Public Real Estate Investment Trusts – REITs)


    The price of oil is not going to spike based on the events in Egypt. The Suez Canal and the nearby Suez-Mediterranean oil pipeline are under no threat of disruption let alone closure. This is essentially a political story – and a great one – not an economic story.

    Green Bay wins Super Bowl 45.


    Tomorrow’s Non Farm Payrolls Report Will Exceed 200K
    We expect a stronger than expected number due to the fact that the ISM Manufacturing
    Employment Index for January was higher than any other reading since 1973, the ISM Services Employment
    Index Was the highest since 2006, the Chicago PMI Employment Index was the highest since 1984, and
    Challenger Job Cut Announcements were lower for January than any other January since they have been
    tracking the data.

    BREAKUP BINGE: Already this year we’ve seen ITT and, a week ago, Sara Lee Corp. set plans to split themselves into three and two pieces (respectively). Look for more companies to start breakups, and asset-sales, of their own—especially in media, tech, consumer products.

    Pittsburgh’s local GDP will get a 1% boost from Super Bowl fever.



    WTI crude oil will top $100 a barrel by April

    President Hosni Mubarak’s decision to oust many of the wealthiest Egyptian millionaires from his cabinet will have severe repercussions for their economy .

    Egypt will keep the markets on edge but unless the availability of oil is affected the bigger event of the week will be fridays jobs number

    Shipping rates going to skyrocket on concerns over suez canal

    Even Omar Sharif is calling for President Hosni Mubarak to step down. If Hollywood elite like him want it, it will happen.


I talked to a gas station owner over the weekend,did you know those large tanker trucks hold 7,500 gallons, which means if the gas station owner pays $3.00 per gal, that would cost $22,500.00 per delivery. I heard gas prices will jump to $4.50 in the near future, the gas station owner is not making much of a profit from gas purchases - that's why so many sell candy,snacks,soda and beer! Oil prices hurt the gas station owner and folks at the pump the most. Cheryl - so long, keep up the good work!

March 1, 2011 at 4:23 pm

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